How to Submit Your Book

Have you ever read Slush Pile Hell? It’s a Tumblr, published anonymously by a self-reported grumpy literary agent. The posts, which represent the worst query letters the agent has received, make me laugh, but they also make me a bit sad.

It’s really hard to write a book. And it’s really, really hard to land an agent and/or publisher. But the process for submitting to agents and publishers shouldn’t be so hard, or confusing. Writing is a business, and like any other business, there are rules to follow if you want to succeed. I can’t guarantee that I can get you an agent, but I can at least guarantee that you understand how to approach the process of submitting. I’ve launched a subscription Forum to demystify the entire process.

The Forum will explain everything you need to know to write a successful query letter, research appropriate agents and independent small presses, take advantage of writing conferences and other submission opportunities, and build your platform as a writer. Subscribers of the Forum will have the opportunity to submit questions to me at any time and to various literary agents and published writers in official Q&As throughout the year. I will share examples of successful query letters and pitches, and provide the best available resources on navigating the agent submission process.

Click here for a 5-minute video tour of the Forum, follow this link.

For individual writers, the Forum costs $35 for one year of access.

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Using what I learned in Columbia University’s lecture and workshop series for MFA students “Beyond the MFA,” I have been guiding clients through the agent submission process for the past five years, and have taught an online course on the subject through The Thinking Writer. I am also a novelist, currently in the midst of my own agent submission process. The extensive information included in this Forum comes from my own and my clients’ experiences.