If you feel your draft is in good order and makes all the points you need it to, you may be ready for copyediting. In a typical copyedit, I will review your draft and make changes to the writing using Microsoft Word Track Changes. In making such changes, I take care to maintain a consistent voice and style. I can provide copyediting on either a complete paper, or sections of your project as you complete them. In order to provide a quote for copyediting, I generally review a 10-15 page sample of your work, and then base my quote on an estimate of how long it would take me to complete the entire project. This approach also provides you a free sample of my work as an editor. While prices vary quite a bit depending on the complexity of the writing and the amount of editing required, copyediting generally costs $2–$6/page (double spaced, 12-point Times, standard margins).

I have provided copyediting for fiction writers who are preparing to self-publish their novels or begin submitting to agents, independent publishers, academics writing dissertations and other papers, and companies such as The Princeton Review and the Japanese International Cooperation Association—Research Institute.

If you are interested in copyediting, contact me for a free sample and quote.