Stuck in a Query Rut?

Once you get a good handle on the basics of writing and submitting a query letter, and have completed your research, you are ready to begin the process of submitting to agents! This is a very exciting time… but then you send out all your queries, and you wait, and wait some more, and it becomes… less exciting.

What do you do if you feel like you’re stuck in a querying rut? How can you find new ways to reach out to agents, or get excited about the process again? Here are some ideas, all of which are covered in more depth on the Forum. Click each of the links to learn more.

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  1. Learn to use Twitter as a query tool.
  2. Find new agents who are actively building their lists.
  3. Find out about conferences with opportunities to pitch agents.
  4. Make use of conferences even if you can’t attend.
  5. Learn how to ask for referrals.

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