A Conversation With Peg Alford Pursell

Books published by Why There Are Words Press. 

One of my biggest joys as a writer is interacting with other writers and readers who are invested in the world of literature. This month, I was fortunate enough to “meet” (over e-mail anyway) another community builder, Peg Alford Pursell. Part of an ongoing series of conversations between authors who don’t already know each other organized by The Refresh, Peg and I discussed our forthcoming novels and our efforts to build our respective writing communities. Read the full text of our conversation here. After hearing from Peg about the Why There Are Words reading series and small press that she founded, I was eager to learn more about her life as a small press publisher and author. I’m grateful to her for continuing our conversation in the October issue of Magnify, my newsletter celebrating small press books. 

Interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow

I’m grateful to CNN’s Poppy Harlow for inviting me on her show to discuss the question of arming teachers to prevent school shootings. The expectation that teachers should prepared to defend their lives and the lives of their students against gunfire is the result of our lawmakers’ refusal to stand up to the gun lobby. 

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